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Fistful of Pixels Sampler
April 03, 2012 12:25 PM PDT
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We've finally redone our preview episode to more accurately reflect the HIGH QUALITY and CULTURAL RELEVANCE the show has gained over the past six months!

Got a friend who might like the show? How about a friend who might not like the show? Either way, this episode is a great introduction to what we're all about. Tie them down and force them to listen to about ten minutes of premium comedy! At your trial, you'll be able to say with confidence, "I have no regrets!"

That, and we'll love you forever!

FOPE16 - Cornfield 3
March 28, 2012 05:05 AM PDT
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This episode of Fistful of Pixels brings you even more of what you all want: peripheral based games! Mike Bachmann, Taylor Bliss, and Russ Walsh teach you all about Gabe Newell's favorite foods, ask the question "What happened to the old weapons?", and lament the passing of televisions funniest sitcom: Dharma and Greg.

This episode's titles: Gabe Newel's Food Feast, Win Lose or Shark Attack, D.O.G., My New Weapons, Sim Skrillex 2000, Meteorologist Simulator, Adventures with Air, Cornfield 3, Cabella's Dharma and Greg: Big Game Hunters, Chevy Chase: Pig in the City

Contributors: TeeJayMcKimmerz, Babylonian, MrNaleIt, shonen413, PackBenPack, OooohBarracuda

FOPE15 - Pug Noise Hero
February 17, 2012 09:44 PM PST
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This week, Fistful of Pixels welcomes professional designer Justin Russo. You may know him as the man who does the artwork for MBMBaM as well as a number of great posters and t-shirts at PressXtoJustin.com He shares his knowledge of the art world and helps curb used game sales through strategic peripheral use.

This week's games: Punk Rock Pumpkinator, Mario Paint 2: Mario's Peer Review, Rocket Vangoh-go, A Guitar That Shoots Bullets and Also Has A Chainsaw Attached To It, Pug Noise Hero, Mission: Impressionist, Paula Deen's Eats n' Beats, Bop-It Online

Contributors: @buzz_clik, @Jonny_Wags, @ActionAlan, @Shonen413

FOPE14 - Supremacy of the Titans of Titanic Supremacy
February 03, 2012 12:35 AM PST
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It took a while but this time Fistful of Pixels is really back on track, with a new home at Sidequesting.com. Expect new episodes every other week for the foreseeable future.

This week, Fistful of Pixels welcomes back Adam Bash of the Fall Damage podcast. We find out why the Titanic really sank and spend entirely too much time talking about the best twitter account we have ever come across.

This week's titles: Reasonable Robots, Supremacy of the Titans of Titanic Supremacy, Philosoboxing: Thinking in the Ring, Attack of the Zones, Gobling Hunterz, Seal Team Six: Secrets of the Deep, Darkstorm Chronicles, Burnt Rubber: Drive Fast or Go Home, Margaret Pennymarshall, Catwoman Isn't In This Game, Army of Two: HD Collection, Spider Rider

Special thanks to this episode's contributors: @bashkick, @shonen413, @agikamike, @paytongessel, @ChaseByKO, @Babylonian

AFOP13 - Earth Vs Soup
December 06, 2011 12:01 PM PST
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You will forever be known as "The Listeners Who Waited". By my count we were up to 4 false promises that the episode would be out "that night." But let's put the past behind us! The episode is out now and in the end, isn't that all that really matters? Thanks for waiting!

Going to be doing a big push for listeners in the coming months so if you get a minute, consider introducing a friend to the show, tweeting about us with the hash tag #AFistfulofPixels, or just giving us a review on iTunes! Every little bit helps!

This Week's Games: Surviving the Con, Royal Moustache Rumble, Curling Manager 2012, Earth Vs Soup, Time Warp Trio, Teenage Mutant Ninja Podcasters, New England Chainsaw Massacre, Occupy World of Warcraft, File Exporter Parade, Ahhhh! Real Monster's House, The Last Layrngologist, Cooking Drug Lord: With Friends, Torrent Master Deluxe, Revenge of the Forgotten Pets, Pleasure Quest: Winona Ryder's Massage, Primal Primates: Lemur Love Lessons, Subaqueous Owl

Special thanks to those of you who are just crushing it week to week with titles!

AFOP12 - Trick or Tron
October 31, 2011 02:36 AM PDT

This week, it's a spooky-ass Halloween episode as A Fistful of Pixels welcomes professional voice actor Bob Ball. He helps us deal with difficult questions such as "How many air buddies movies are there?", "Is it possible to use a slim jim as a horcrux?", and "What happened to Whoopi Goldberg's brother, Rube?"

Bob Ball can be found at www.BobBallVO.com, @BobBallVO, and PopQuizzical.com

This week's games: Disney's Haunted Mansion 2: Party All the Time, Air Bud: Howloween, John Goodman's Pumpkin Chuckin', Carnivale of Souls, Randy Savage's Haunted House, Replace Your Blood With Cyanide 2000, Boneyard Bloodbath: Nightmare of Gore, Bloodpool Zombie Billiards, Resident Evil: Babies, Luigi is Loco, Juggalo Revenge 2: Hatchetman Returns, Twilight Zone Creator, Evil Robot Destroyer 2: Halloween Showdown, Pajama Sam 5: The First Four Were Alright But Now You're In for a Fright, Indoors No One Can See Your Lame Halloween Costume, Axe Murderer Vs The Army of Ghosts, Running of the Bull Penis Canes, The Candy Van Can, Halloween Simulator 2012: Child Kidnapping Edition, The Chronicles of Riddick: Adventures in Halloweentown, Trick or Tron, Faceknife 4

AFOP11 - Ascension Quad 5: We Climb Again
October 25, 2011 11:49 AM PDT

It's an almost exclusively sequel based episode of A Fistful of Pixels. We welcome Jonah Gregory, editor in chief of Wingdamage.com. He helps us make a list of all lion based disney characters, impresses us with his knowledge of the Three Ninjas franchise, and gives an exclusive tell-all about his honey period.

Thanks to this week's contributors: @stevelawyerman, @PackBenPack, @theroostar, @veritasunae, @Joseph4th, shonen413, @MrNaleIt.

You can submit titles of your own by tweeting them to @FistfulofPixels

This Week's Games: Snow White and These Lions, Parappa the Tax Collector, Gigantic Attack Shining Tomorrow Gaiden, Karate Grandmas: Blade of South Florida, Pasta Cowboy 2, Dog Lawyer: The Bark of the Night, Ascension Quad 5: We Climb Again, Batman Arkham and Cheese, Fatal Frame Straightening, Forced Evolution 2: Evolve Harder, Tom Clancy's Top Chef Showdown, _________, Escape from Australia, Grocery Shopping, Inception: The Video Game: The Video Game: The Video Game, Waiting in Line at the Mall, Candlelight Dinner 4: Stood Up, Waffles Vs Cakes: The War

AFOP10 - Gone With the Earth Wind and Fire
October 17, 2011 11:42 PM PDT

This week we've got Adam Bash from Splitkick.com and the Fall Damage podcast. He helps us figure out Christina Applegate's age as well as the nationality of all the main characters in Captain Planet. Time well spent.

Special thanks to this week's title contributors: @aggrokragg, @ooohBarracuda, @Jonny_Wags, @shonen413, @theroostarr, @snapstacle

This week's games: Super Haberdash HD, Ted Bundy Adventures, Yanni's Very Special Christmas MAssacre, Snow White and the Seven Samurai, Gone With the Earth Wind and Fire, Cole Train's Thrashball League: 2077, XXX: Lost in Time, Diarrhea Ninja, DMX Presents: A 90's Nostalgia Comedy: Where Mah Pogs At?

AFOP09 - Lost Levels 1
October 13, 2011 01:15 AM PDT

Welcome to the very first A Fistful of Pixels: Lost Levels. From your perspective not much will be different, but we've dug through old audio to find game ideas that didn't make the cut but should have. First half of the show is Mike Bachmann, Ben Pack, and Russ Walsh. Second half replaces Ben Pack with Wesley Johnson.

In the middle is our first musical guest: The Artificial Hearts. Check them out at www.facebook.com/theartificialhearts for some sweet downloads, including this week's featured track: "Little Things".

This week's games: Inappropriate Game Hunter Hot Pursuit, Resistance: Brittany Spears, Master Chief's Beautiful Dark Twisted Balloon Fantasy, Excruciating Dinosaur Collection, Return of the Cyborg Rocket, Latino Wheelchair on Wheels, Sasquatch Workout Power, Two Johns: Steak and Bones Issue, Regurgitated Nastygram, Paranoid Indian Fun, Pathetic Llama Spectacular, Cat in a Golden Ribbon

AFOP08 - Bearfight Island
October 02, 2011 02:46 AM PDT

We may be a day late and a dollar short but we've got a sweet guest to make up for it: Joseph Hewitt, creative director for Jet Set Games. We talk about the best of the worst semi-truck games, why only dogs are allowed to bleed in Germany, and we give a complete and detailed list of all of Rob Schneider's possessions.

Congratulations to the winners of the Highborn contest: @bashkick, @renegal, @shonen413, @roachkin, and @stevenstrom.

This week's games: Statue Trainer All Stars, War of Worldcraft, 18 Wheeler Beatdown Tourney, Lady and the Tramp: Rob Rob Schneider, Heavy Moon: The Dark Project, Bearfight Island

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